Blactro & Dorrey Lin Lyles
We believe we can fly ❤️🍀
BLACTRO ft. Dorrey Lin Lyles „I believe I can Fly“
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13490830_10206809530738180_4219039040228657778_oFinally the time has come and Blactro (DJ size, DJ TC-Roc & DJ DK)  in Kooperation with MISS SAM AGENCY serve us the club hit for the summer 2016, together with singer Dorrey Lin Lyles from New Jersey, USA,  who currently performs as a Part of the Weather Girls, rocking all stages of the world.
Dorrey Lin Lyles and her brilliant gospel soul voice marveled these three Berlin DJs/Producers and encouraged them to tap into great world hits. Many have already tried to perform R Kelly’s master piece “ I believe I can Fly“, however failed. For the first time though a cover production received the blessing and with that the okay for release of the RnB superstar. Already and without prior publishing the demand of many DJs for this song is so high and we
are thrilled to finally introduce the single




Live performance:


Of course Blactro also put together a great remix package which we will be distributing to all DJs within the next few weeks, in the hopes that they will support Blactro.
We would like to already thank each and every DJ in advance, who will build in „I believe I can Fly“ into their sets, whether at clubs, discotheques, cocktailbars, or radio shows. We are happy about every action taken.